Why come

Whilst much of the “Beginner” Class is focused on learning techniques, the “Intermediate” Class is more intense and complex. Moving up to this level you should already be familiar with the equipment and basic exercises. All attention is focused on results.

To attend, you should already have experienced some increase in the tone of your muscles and flexibility. You should by now be able to focus less on the exercises, and more on how the core muscles work to activate them correctly in the training process.

What to expect

The music is louder and the workout is more complex and dynamic. It's a new level. The range of exercises during the class is greater than at "Beginner" classes. Expect another type of workout at “Intermediate” level with a whole new array of exerices. Here we don’t just isolate muscles, but also work them through to “fatigue” - to the point where you can’t do the exercises any more.

Having reached this level, the result is visible not only to you, but also to others. You get toned muscles, improved posture and you feel slimmer.