Dynamic Pilates, like traditional Pilates, is designed to restore the natural balance of muscles through a series of precise, controlled movements. Exercises focus on the core muscles in the waist and lower back area which fix the whole body in a vertical position. Dynamic Pilates aims tostrengthen these muscles and improve posture while preventing injuries.

Dynamic Pilates takes traditional Pilates andgoes another step forward. Workout is more intense. There is a greater focus on aerobic exercise. The result is a slim figure, flexible body and toned muscles in the shortest possible time.The combination of classic Pilates exercises with stretching helps extend and strengthen the body’s core muscles.

STUDIO 2 focuses on continuous movements, balancing aerobic activitywith the isolation, concentration and activation of core muscle groups. We have also added a number of specific exercises which help to activate multiple muscle groups thereby increasingthe cardio workout.

To increase the effect of each exercise, we try to isolate a muscle group and work it through to "fatigue", after which we stretch it to restore suppleness and help posture. We use specialized equipment (“Reformers”)to makes the muscles work against resistance. Reformers increase muscular tension and help to achieve a better and faster result.

Continuous movements, simultaneous activation of several muscle groups and their maximum workout to fatigue is theaim of Dynamic Pilates and what differentiates it from traditional Pilates.

Dynamic Pilates is one of the most effective workouts around today. Its fans include many famous actors and models, such as Jennifer Aniston, Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer and others.