Why come

If you’ve been coming to “Intermediate” level classes for a while and you want to work still harder, then your next step is the “Advanced” class.

This class is for only for those experienced on the Reformer. You’ll need a good level of fitness, understand the exercise technique and be able to easily keep your balance while standing on the equipment. It is very important for us that before booking an “Advanced” class, you have consulted fully with your trainer. You and your trainer must be 100% sure that you are ready forthe workout at this level.

What to expect

We will work you at maximum energy to burn calories. Exercises are more difficult than in the previous levels, with a step up in weight with reduced pauses. Special attention is paid to the sequence and duration of exercises.

We add new exercises at the "Advanced" level aimed at working several muscle groupssimultaneously. At this level you work on balance, coordination, muscle strength and consequently burn calories much faster.

In the "Advanced" class there is less explanation than at other levels: you are supposed to be familiar with the workout technique. So there will be no time to relax.